FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are there no prices shown on your web site?

    Answer: Our products are sold through stores that are independently owned and operated. These dealers make their own decisions with regard to pricing. We will gladly assist you in helping you work with the dealer nearest your location.
  2. How can I find a Heavenly Sewing Chair™ dealer near where I live?

    We invite you to call our office anytime for dealer information or you can send us an .
  3. How can you offer so many fabric choices and custom options when most stores only have a few colors and no options?

    Because we want you to own a Heavenly Seating™ chair that satisfies all of your needs for personal fit and functionality and because we want your new Heavenly Seating™ chair to look great with your décor we build every Heavenly Seating™ chair one at a time when we get your order. This is just a part of our "Personal Service" pledge to you.
  4. What is the difference between your various fabric grades?

    Some fabric designs cost more to produce and that additional cost is reflected in the retail price. We only offer fabrics that are both attractive and long wearing. Call us for more information on any of our fabrics.
  5. How long does it take before I get my new chair?

    Delivery times can vary by your location but generally you can expect to receive your chair within about 3 to 4 weeks.
  6. Where are the Heavenly Seating™ chairs built?

    Answer: All of our chairs are built in a factory in North Carolina, an area famous for fine furniture and craftsmanship.
  7. Do you ship your chairs outside the USA?

    We use UPS ground service to any residential or business address within the 48 contiguous states. We will ship your chair to Alaska for an additional freight charge. Please call us for more information. We do not ship outside the USA.
  8. How will I know when my new chair is shipped?

    Once UPS® picks up your chair from our factory we will then call you with the date that you can expect your chair to arrive. This is another part of our unique "Personal Service" pledge to you.
  9. Do your chairs come to me fully assembled?

    There is some assembly required but this can be done without the use of any tools and normally takes less that 10 minutes. Assembly instructions are conveniently attached to the seat cushion of your new chair when it arrives.
  10. What if my new chair arrives damaged?

    Damage during delivery is the responsibility of UPS®. If damage is suspected or discovered please call your local UPS® office for an inspection. You will need to have the complete shipping carton for inspection.
  11. How do I know what size chair I need?

    Chair size dimensions are shown on our web site. Our Heavenly Sewing Chair™ dealers have demonstration models of the various sizes. We will gladly help you decide on the best size for your body type and size if you will call our office.
  12. I have always had bad back problems. Can your chairs help me feel better when I sit for long periods of time?

    Although we can't guarantee that our chairs will completely eliminate your back pain we can tell you that many customers have told us that they have never owned a chair that made their back feel so relaxed and healthy. Our Heavenly Sewing Chairs™ all feature the Schukra© Lumbar Support. This amazing innovation in personal comfort allows you to "dial in" the exact amount of support needed for your lower spine. The adjustability of our chairs exceeds every recommendation of the Cornell University Ergonomics Study Department (see their report in our "All About Ergonomics" section).
  13. Can I return my Heavenly Seating™ chair for a refund if I change my mind?

    Because every chair is a "custom order" built to your specifications, we are not able to accept returns. Our chairs are well known for outstanding quality and customer satisfaction. Our warranty provides for the replacement of any defective chair component. (See our warranty page for additional details).
  14. How can the seat cushions on your chairs be so comfortable when they are also so firm?

    We use a special urethane foam in our cushions that is nearly twice as dense as most other chairs. Our foam is guaranteed not to breakdown or compress like other chairs. Our foam and our other chair components are higher quality than you will find in most chairs. A Heavenly Seating™ chair will give you great value.
  15. I have a home office and use a drafting table. Can I order my new chair with a higher seat and foot ring?

    Yes, we have several options for building your new chair so the seat cushion height can range from 15" to 33". Our Heavenly Sewing Chairs™ can be designed to work with the taller sewing tables that many people have for quilting.


Great! That's all I can say about my new Heavenly Sewing Chair. The quality is great, the beautiful fabric is great, the way the chair adjusts to my body is great, and the adjustable lumbar support makes my back feel so good I want to sew all day.


(Patty-Houston Tx)


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