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Heavenly Sewing Chairs are designed to provide a remarkable level of comfort and adjustability for sewing posture. Because of our desire to provide the best fit possible for each individual, our chairs are sold through a nation wide network of dealers operating sewing machine dealer stores and quilt shops. In these stores you will find samples of our chairs in various sizes. You will also see swatches of all of our beautiful upholstery fabrics. And best of all you will be able to "test drive" our amazing chairs and feel the difference our Schukra Lumbar Support makes in providing you with a truly Heavenly fit. You will quickly see why our customers believe this is the most comfortable chair they have ever sat on.

If you are a consumer wanting to find a dealer near you please call our office toll free at (877) 354-5883. We will work with you to get you the best personal service and information about our chairs. We know many of you have your own favorite local store where you would like to try our chairs. Please call us and tell us the name of both the store and the store owner and we will contact them with information about our Heavenly Sewing Chairs. If they become dealers we will give you a $50 coupon to use on the purchase of your new Heavenly Sewing Chair.

Retail Stores

Please contact us either by telephone at (877) 354-5883 or by using the email form below to receive more information about becoming a dealer for Heavenly Sewing Chairs. We will ask you a few questions to determine whether you qualify to become one of our dealers. We limit the number of dealers in a given marketing area and have a proven dealer program that is sure to impress you.

Highlights of our program include:

  • No inventory investment – all chairs are sold as custom orders.
  • Employee training materials to learn how to demonstrate our chairs.
  • Chairs are shipped using UPS to either your store location or drop-shipped direct to your customer anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.
  • Consumer referrals from customers seeking chair information from our web site and magazine articles.
  • Special promotional opportunities throughout the year.
  • Extra savings when you include our chairs in your show activities.
  • And much more!

Here's what a few of our dealers had to say about representing Heavenly Sewing Chairs:We are delighted to be dealers of the Heavenly Sewing Chairs. We placed
several chairs throughout our store and encourage our customers to sit on
them when we do machine demonstrations and also for our classes. The points that impress our customers are the fit adjustments, the firm seat foam
that is so comfortable and the excellent warranty
. Customers love the huge
fabric selection
so they can custom order exactly the chair they want. Once a customer has sat on these chairs even for a few minutes they frequently end
up ordering them. (Sewing Machine dealer in Iowa)

The Heavenly Sewing Chairs are a great addition to our store. We sell a large
number of sewing machines and sewing cabinets but the chairs we had stocked in the past were not very good quality and customers kept asking us
if we had anything better. The Heavenly Sewing Chairs are very well made.
We have never had a single problem with them and many of our customers
have even had their friends come in to get one. The custom order process
works great and we have no money tied up in inventory. We are very glad
we started carrying these chairs. (Sewing Machine dealer in Pennsylvania)

My quilt shop has been in business for 13 years in smaller size town. I had
folding chairs in my classroom and had never tried to sell anything like chairs
before. I have had the Heavenly Sewing Chairs now for awhile and I am surprised how many I have sold. My customers love them and many have told me they sign up for more classes now that we have the comfortable chairs. I have to sell a lot of quilt fabric to equal the profit I make on just one Heavenly Sewing Chair. (Quilt Shop in California)

Our store had carried another chair for several years but we switched to the
Heavenly Sewing Chair because it is a much better value and the fabric selection is a great plus as well. Our customers get more chair for their money and that keeps them coming back into our store. It is a real pleasure to work with Loren at Heavenly Seating. He even personally calls our customers to tell them when their chairs will arrive. We are very glad to be dealers of the Heavenly Sewing Chairs. (Quilt Shop in Oklahoma)


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Great! That's all I can say about my new Heavenly Sewing Chair. The quality is great, the beautiful fabric is great, the way the chair adjusts to my body is great, and the adjustable lumbar support makes my back feel so good I want to sew all day.


(Patty-Houston Tx)


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