Custom Options For your
Heavenly Sewing Chair©

Molded ‘Saddle-Style’ Seat Cushion Star Molded 'Saddle-Style' Seat Cushion

Many customers choose to order this very comfortable seat cushion for their chair. Available for both the Petite model as well as the Premier model, this contoured cushion is designed to perfectly cradle the hips and thighs. It encourages the sewing machine operator to sit back properly in the chair to take full advantage of the multiple adjustments available with our back cushion.


Adjustable Arm KitStar Adjustable Arm Kit

    "Softee" pads are 'soooooooo' comfortable! Finger tip release levers under each arm pad adjust the arm support height from 7¾ to 10¾ inches above the seat cushion. The arm kit bracket mounted to the bottom of the chair also allow the arm pads to be placed closer together or farther apart for personal comfort. Our arms are mounted so you can get up close to your sewing cabinet or table.


    Seat Tilt MechanismStar Seat Tilt Mechanism

    ** NOW included free on all Heavenly Sewing Chairs **

    With one simple move of the paddle the front edge of the seat cushion drops down from a level position to a forward slant angle. This position is preferred by some sewers and quilters when they lean more forward to get a better view down the needle.

    Protective Back Cushion Edge GuardStar Protective Back Cushion Edge Guard

    We recommend this popular option when your chair is used in a very tight area where it is likely to hit against furniture and walls as the chair is swiveled. This full circumference clear plastic guard is built in at the factory. It will help keep your chair upholstery looking its best for many years to come.


    Hard Floor Casters Star Hard Floor Casters

    Protect the surface of your hard wood or laminate floors with our "soft wheels". Soft polyurethane is molded around the hard nylon core. Your chair will roll whisper quiet on any hard surface. Notice the twin wheel design for added stability and weight distribution.




    Manual Braking Caster Star Manual Braking Caster

    Add one of these casters to your chair and keep from sliding away from your sewing machine when you push the fabric forward on those large quilt projects. A simple lever locks the wheel and prevents it from turning and a simple release makes it easy to control your chair, especially on smooth floor surfaces.



    Compression Release Caster SetStar Compression Release Caster Set

    With this option the casters on your new chair will not roll until you sit on your chair. This guards against the chair moving away from you as you sit down resulting in a fall or injury. Especially helpful on hard surface floors.




    “Drafting Chair” Height Extension Kit Star "Drafting Chair" Height Extension Kit

    Combine our 18" height adjustable foot ring with a longer gas lift cylinder to give you a chair perfect to use with your long arm quilting machine or at a tall table. This option using an 8" cylinder results in a chair seat height range of 21" to 29". A 10" cylinder results in a chair seat height range of 23" to 33".








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Schukra© Lumbar Support

This amazing fully adjustable backrest improves your seating comfort.


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